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I grew up Mandalay Bay California until I was 12 at which point my parents moved to Friday harbor Washington in the San Juan Islands where I spent the rest of my time except for when I went to private school in Canada. As a child living with my parents and Mandalay Bay we went fishing on my dad's boat all the time I swam in the bay not worried at all about the sharks nonetheless cuz I was kid and when we moved Friday harbor I went on our boat a lot every summer too. I never had to have a job in high school as my parents always wanted me just to go out on the boat with them and I did a lot of fishing for salmon Link card, caught snapper. Also I got abalone off the rocks, clammed, and crabbed. As you might be able to tell I lived a very protective life as an only child. Carl has really expanded my experiences. I have a 30-year-old son who just got married and a 29-year-old daughter who just had a baby . Growing up I also went skiing a lot in Mammoth California and in Sun valley Idaho. I still love downhill skiing but I'm a little out of shape. I went on cruises as a child and traveled to Europe as well. But all that being said except for the fishing with my parents and the scheme the most fun I've had is being on this trip on the road and this lifestyle.
May 23, 1969 (Age: 55)
Bremerton Washington