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Almost retired, both of us, We were on the road 40ty plus years ago, but kids mortgage PTA etc. Now it is time to see the world again.. We have an older low mileage van that we are getting ready to tow our 'store' around with.. We plan to be 'out' 2 to 3-4 weeks at a time. We are both scared and excited. We will be traveling with our dog a 100+ pound dumb love that we will need t figure out how tooo keep safe and happy. And we don't want to give up our home yet.. We have lived here over 20 years! Gotta figure out all this tech stuff and all that goes with the new world of business on the road. Looking for a group-club or something tooo have some type of community for the fun days when we have had enough 24 7....
Jun 24, 1959 (Age: 64)
Whidbey Isand WA