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My wife and I have been married 21 years and love nature. We were married on September 11th 1999 and she has a son who just recently got married. My dad was the last of my family and he always wanted us to travel as he knew that's what we love and enjoyed. He loved watching our videos on our YouTube channel (traveling Zombies) and would ask us to see specific sights so he could see them as he was no longer able to travel. He fell and hit his head the day before Thanksgiving and died that Saturday. This is one of the reasons we chose to go to nomad lifestyle and now that my dad's affairs have been taken care of we're heading out and not looking back.

Jan 11, 1971 (Age: 53)
Bremerton Washington


Exploring nature one step at a time in our 1988 Ford Bronco 2.
2 dogs, 2 people no brains. :p 
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