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    hello vanlovers

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    sidewall mount for vent fan

    I'm very fond of the setup for these covered vents (Embassy RV calls them "Scuffers" @ 00:49 ). Of course they have a whole system to operate them, but if I could figure out how to DIY them independently I would repurpose the existing Scuffers on my AMBO.
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    1 pair of socks – 18 crates

    This guy's use of Milk Crates in his *final build is inspiring. *Note that he had done several builds before this arrangement.
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    Has anyone ever put a treadmill inside a bus

    One doesn't have to "catch air" to workout. Bouncing, Marching, or Jogging are also done on the Rebounder, whose main purpose would be to reduce impact on the joints. LOL ***Also, I'm speaking from the perspective of being under 5'5" so "Headroom" would also be based on the height of the...
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    Gear For Sale Jackery 1000

    I purchased it NIB 2 years ago.
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    Gear For Sale Jackery 1000

    REDUCED TO $700 from $800, Works like new. I'm selling because I need the ca$h. Will come with both the Wall & car charger. Location; Kennesaw, GA
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    Squatters taken over my new home, need to backyard vanlife?

    HEAT: I'd recommend a Diesel Heater, no matter which way you go. They put out a dry heat& won't add to your moisture concerns. You can look on YouTube for how to easily run the exhaust pipe out of an existing window HCALORY 12V 5KW-8KW Diesel Air Heater, Portable and Convenient Integrated...
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    Parking Swop

    @rpmhart333 Please update, I hope you all got the assistance you need. (Emoji free) Prayers to you and the Mrs.
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    three weeks in a Promaster City

    Sounds like you had a wonderful adventure! During my recent travels, i "boondocked" at Rest Stops and Truck Stops. My favorites are to stealth in nicer Hotel Parking Lots. I can relate to experience that some Camp sites can be unwelcoming (fine, we won't force out $ on them!); and to...
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    Somewhere on Youtube there's a vanlife fella that left what one van wall as-is. Instead of insulating it he left a gap there, (I'd estimate that the gap was about 6") and put up a floor-to-ceiling wall/desk combo; If I recall correctly this wall also blocked part of his sliding door opening...
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    Ambulance Disassembly HELP!

    This was taken of the CPR seat with the seat, back, and side cushions removed. The bench seat had the same setup. I'd like to extend a BIG "THANK YOU" to those who offered helpful responses.
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    Ambulance Disassembly HELP!

    Regarding #` in my original post (the Seats and Padded surroundings). The bottoms are secured with Velcro. The Seat backs are affixed with both strong metal hooks and velcro. We were able to remove the pads on the sides of the CPR seat by removing the screws in the cabinets they were...
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    Ambulance Disassembly HELP!

    Thank you everyone for your responses! I was able to have a friend assist me with the countertop. The existing counters in my 1999 Wheeled Coach were made of layered: Plastic topping; approx 1/2Inch plywood, a single layer of Reflectix, all sitting on what looks like...
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    Ambulance Disassembly HELP!

    Greetings Everyone. I recently purchased an ambulance to be come my Mobile Office/Campulance. I need HELP finding information on the following to help with my minimal build effort. 1. How to remove the following: The wall mounted Crew Back Rest. How to remove the padding in the CPR...
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    AmboRV - Ambulance to RV project (and book!)

    @GeneticMaker, Could you tell me what the original countertops were made of? I recently acquired a 1999 F350 Wheeled Coach; I'd like to drop a sink into the existing countertop....which I've sealed and painted. Thanks