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    Is it better to get all cordless tools, with 12 volt charger to...

    Still true for true professional level all-day slogging, just not practical to keep that many big batteries cycling, multiple chargers to keep them topped up, overall higher cost. But for hobbyist / DIY use no worries
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    You Ain't Right Club

    Kurt Vonnegut — 'A sane person to an insane society must appear insane.'
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    Look at this for a waste container

    Tapatalk only lets me delete one at a time. I've never used the web UI, can't even seem to get to PMs there? Is there a bulk delete option somewhere?
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    How soon will electric or hybrid vans/RVs be common?

    They will, likely a Sienna, or relaunch Hiace with more room would be nice. Meantime hybrid Highlander as a toad, or toyhauler / sleeping space that it fits inside, is my plan. Available now, 4WD, bigger than RAV4, Great for visiting places the big rig won't go, tent camping etc.
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    Alaska Winters in a Truck Camper

    That exact setup, but substitute a water-based Espar style fuel heater fed from same fuel as your vehicle engine for the electric heat. That is for long term use, much easier to use more fuel efficient, more reliable and compact. Ties right into the same hydronic loop between the "auxiliary...
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    Off grid laundry

    merino for the win silk layer for next to the skin if needed hate synthetics, would rather give up on cold weather camping if it came to that
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    Look at this for a waste container

    great catch, thanks
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    Dometic vs Off Brand

    Same bet. Dometic is OEM for most brands. Except the trucking market, they use Indel-B, better quality IMO
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    Look at this for a waste container

    AFAIK company GAMMA2 has no relation to the gamma branded lids
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    Choosing a step van

    No I meant aftermarket passenger seats added. I assume a DIY may have issues being legal, or wrt insurance covering an accident even more so.
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    How much solar do I need?

    No, it's just money. When heading into cloudy places, or winter in high latitudes, you **need** 5x bigger a system than in summer, or Arizona.
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    Dometic vs Off Brand

    I'd almost guarantee made by Dometic anyway, Costco makes nothing. Great warranty though, anywhere you travel!
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    Game Of Thrones/ HBO Special offer

    I never start any series until they stop producing it. Absolutely hate having to wait for more to come out, prefer, once and done. Just finished MASH, took a while 8-)
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    Choosing a step van

    What is the "bay", like usable interior space behind the driver? How does this translate? Length: 21'10" Width: 7'8" Height: 10'  Anyone seen aftermarket passenger seats get put in? Cops, insurance?
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    Choosing a step van

    Heck of a deal! Because "runs" now is no guarantee for later, and only a diesel mechanic is going to figure out how to convert back to normal fuel. Can you imagine trying to get CNG problems fixed out in the middle of nowhere? If truly dual fuel, then OK, you can just use diesel to get back...