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    Starlink - The Scoop From A Nomad

    With the recent increase in speculation about extraterrestrials visiting our skies, I think I'll wait. Logically, one of their early steps in making contact with us Earthers should be giving us some sort of quantum telecommunications system for free. Lagless, unlimited, unthrottled internet with...
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    how you set up your SUV or other car

    My Grand Cherokee features the most adjustable and comfortable driver's seat I've ever had. I've spent as much as 23 hours out of 24 in it and for multiple days. It's a cozy sleeping berth and also works well for an office chair. For the past 7 months, I kept the front passenger seat and...
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    Just For Fun

    Somebody about to have a bad day.
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    I Feel Awful

    You think you're disgusted .... about a year ago I found a Prius on my local Craigs List asking $1000 because the batteries were all no good. I investigated and learned that rebuilding a Prius battery set was within my skill-set and could be renewed for about $600 in parts. I decided not to...
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    Eastern America Nomad Network

    I think it's a great idea. I don't know about Google Groups. Don't think I've ever used it. I did get into a Facebook group or two once upon a time and quickly decided I didn't like FB and cancelled my account. I would suggest looking into which is another social media hangout. I've...
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    Visible Limitations

    I cancelled my Visible service this week after a few years of satisfactory use. Since I've been on the road full time relying on the hotspot for so many activities, I've experienced too many instances of getting throttled. I use a booster as well. So seeing 3 or 4 bars and not being able to...
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    Skyrocketing fuel costs have van lifers concerned. Here are 5 reasons why this may be the BEST thing to happen to your van life dream.

    I'm old enough to have lived through multiple periods of economic upheaval starting with the gas shortages in the 1970s. It's never pleasant but the only thing that can make it threatening is giving in to panic. They always pass sooner (usually) or later. Temporary adjustments to lifestyle may...
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    Can Police Search Your RV Without a Warrant?

    Having been a consistent viewer of the "Audit the Audit" channel on YouTube, I've learned quite a lot about LEO behavior and how to deal with them when approached. It's not legal advice per se, but they provide a lot of case law to explain various situations. First lesson: Record. Record...
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    That was... Weird...

    Technically, a mailbox is considered Federal property. More accurately, the Postal Service has exclusive rights to use the box. This is why people need a different receptical for the newspaper. This being the case, you should send a report to the Postmaster. They will dispatch a crack team of...
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    Temp place or address to mail small packages?

    Safe to say that the take-away here is that nomads and other long term travelers are at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to a basic service that people with stable addresses take for granted. How does one go about effectively lobbying for reasonable access to mail and shipping services for...
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    Temp place or address to mail small packages?

    That's fine if you hang out close enough to the service location to go pick up. But if you're wandering around you might not always be close by. Then you'll have to pay them to ship the item to your current location. I've found what works best for me is a friend back home receives my mail. I can...
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    Temp place or address to mail small packages?

    One problem I learned about General Delivery and even mail to a PO Box, is that if the sender uses UPS or FedEx (usually) and they don't address it properly, the post office will charge you shipping when you go to pick it up. I was shocked when I went to pick up a series of packages from Amazon...
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    Just For Fun