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    Disabilty and traveling

    Depends on what your mental issues are and what kind of support system or meds or therapy you need to stay compliant. Do not skip your meds and/or therapy. If you start feeling better, it is probably because you are on your meds and getting therapy, not because you are magically healing...
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    The nerve

    And so, the Outrage Culture marches on. Look around. The world is awash in pain and suffering and injustice. Nature is cruel as frick. Half of YouTube, Redditt and Twitter exist solely to bombard you with messages about the horror of it all and to get you worked up about it. They all have...
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    I know zilch zip zero about cars!

    If you know nothing about vehicles, then you must understand that living in a vehicle will cost you more than people who are mechanically savvy. You vehicle is not only your transportation, but your home. When it breaks, you are literally homeless until it is fixed.  So, there are some courses...
  4. J

    Building a Nomad Life

    Don't. Don't just buy all the Pollyanna propaganda, get rid of all your things and spend all your money on an RV. Start out right now, cheap and small. Start campng, weekends and vacations, in all weathers. Take trial runs, lots of trial runs, to figure out what you like and what you don't. ...
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    Second hand? These are people I actually know and results of attacks I have actually seen, not vague gossip or hyped up newspaper articles. No, the hyped up news would be the van dwelling couple who were recently stalked and murdered in the woods in Canada or the two teens who were killed near...
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    Oh, I forgot to mention the store owner we know who was mugged twice as he left the store with the receipts to deposit them in the bank by a thug who turned out to be an employee's son. He had just given - not loaned, but given - the employee extra money so she would not lose her car.
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    Serious action. Oh, bullshit. I have a high school friend who was run off the road, beaten, gang rapes, and dumped naked a ditch for dead. An elderly woman I know was kidnapped at knifepoint, forced to withdraw money at the ATM, threatened with death if she reported it, and pushed out of a...
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    Movie Suggestion Thread

    Just found 8 old black and white Mr. Moto movies and a bunch of Charlie Chan's on Youtube! Oh boy!!!
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    Solo female safety/security

    Just get a dog. Sure, everyone thinks that a dog is some sort of magic bullet for solving all security problems. Yes, a dog might make someone a harder target. But a dog is a living creature, not a piece of machinery. I happen to be allergic to dogs, among other things.  My allergies are...
  10. J

    Solo female safety/security

    With hubby around, I don't mind isolation. But unlike you, we have had issues with strangers in remotes areas. We have had things stolen. We have had people lurking around our site. We had a creepy looking man knocking on our door - and trying the handle - in the middle of the night " just to...
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    Solo female safety/security

    I would not camp alone away from other people in isolated areas, especially in a van or small RV. Guns are no good if you can't quickly get at them. I wouldn't want the inconvenience or responsibility of a dog. Dogs are easy to kill for anyone with the proper training, anyway. I prefer to be in...
  12. J

    Water Pressure

    We keep our tank full and work off that even when we have full hookups. The third time we came home to find our RV flooded because the campground lost sufficient water pressure to close our intake valve on the toilet all the way, we decided it was less trouble to fill the tank every other...
  13. J

    Female urine container

    find a PortaJane. It's like a form fitting funnel. I had one when we did a lot of small boating.
  14. J

    Your thoughts on a Container home

    You may run into higher fees and commercial regulations.
  15. J

    The Less You Know, the More You Will Pay

    Maybe. But from what I have seen and the people I have met, it is more often the result of people (especially women) leaving a more or less adequate situation because they are lonely and bored to death, and desperate for some spice in their lives. Then, they find out that the lifestyle is harder...