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    What's the big deal with a diesel?

    Horsepower burns fuel, torque moves loads. Gas engines have more HP, diesels have more torque & yes diesels get twice the milage. I bought the lightest 2000 Dodge 1500 full size 2WD pickup with a gas V6, never got 15 MPG, I bought a 3500 4x4 1995 Dodge with the Cummins diesel pickup & got 24 or...
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    Is AAA worth it for towing protection?

    It was a stand alone. I just checked & thry've reduced the services & am going with Good Sams RV Platinum for $80/year
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    Where to park while converting your vehicle?

    Iso board with foil or fiberglass on both sides is 7.2 R per inch & $16.95. I bought an ambo so it was done except for taking out things & have 40 acres & a 54'x84' hanger & machine shop to work in. We're selling & hitting the road in the spring.
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    Back view camera for NV200- install cost

    I bought one on ebay for under #30 that's wireless, goes on the license plate holder & the screen requires no power as it's solar & sits or velcros to the dash & even has a charging port for your phone.
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    ROFL! Van reverse SD, CA

    I bought a pickup that went great in reverse but nothing in forward. I drove it 10 miles home using the mirrors at 30mph on a sunday morning & never met a car.
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    rv with 110volts power on all winter long

    Peppermint oil on cotton balls will repel mice. I found out after a mouse peed on the wiring of my 4x4 f 150 plow truck & the insurance co. totalled the truck & paid the mechanics bill. I just kept storage insurance on it for $50. There was no heat on & from my flying I know mouse pee will ruin...
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    1989 Ford Econoline E-350 4x4 ambulance- $13000

    Sorry wrong! 7.3 IDI
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    Tow Vehicle Breakdown Paranoia- 7.3 Diesel

    Spots work great. I'm a pilot of 1930s planes & one morning a few years ago Best Buy sent me a closeout on green Spots for $4.95 so I bought 20 & gave them to friends. You need to be in the open as they work on sattilites. They run several sales on the service per year. I run a 7.3 IDI 1993...
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    Insulation Tape?

    Tyvek tape for housewrap is what I've always used on poly iso foam bd. seals well & never had a pc of tape come loose.
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    Aluma-Lite Travel Trailer

    I'm within an hour of Jognsons, Bontragers & a dozen others. & in yardsale season many things can be found for next to nothing. I put FEMA doors in 3 of my hangers in the 40' big doors. Wish I'd have bought 1 more. $40 with the lock & frame at Toms on the east side 131S just before you turn west...
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    Portable bidet

    Greenco Bidet Fresh Water Spray Non-Electric Mechanical Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment by Greenco 4.4 out of 5 stars 1,168 ratings | 188 answered questions Amazon's Choice for "clear rear" 5 Price Changes List Price: $24.99 Price: $23.47 & FREE Returns
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    Seeking feedback on the pre-purchase inspection report for a car I'm considering

    I think $5k would be high for a 10 year old 4x2. If you do get it I'd look on Ebay for a used tire seller with great feedback. My wifes car takes a somewhat odd size tire & she wanted the exact Pirreli make & model tire that was on it. I bought 4 with 90 tread for $225/shipped, the same as 1...
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    Interesting longread on a UK vandwelling Traveller (Gypsies)

    There are many travelers in the U.S. A large group in North Carolina. They come to Michigan & paint the barn across the street & coat the roof every few years. They have their own lingo & words which my wife knows. Certain words & phrases have meanings most people would miss. Neat bunch IMHO...
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    Schematic Rev 1 Review Please!

    Both my diesels have 2 12v batteries but are NOT 24v, They are both 12v with 2 batteries each.
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    OK Now to plan C Ford Cutaway van

    Just curious how many hours & money you have so far trying to get on the road?