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    How do they like their meat?

    As I see the problem, there is no problem. Just because anything is possible, does not make it probable or even likely. In one word, CLICKBAIT. Move along, nothing to see here.
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    Hurry....Boondocking special only $340,000

    I thought that Doug was selling his rig with the huge fridge. $340K should cover the replacement.
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    Options for maintaining car insurance with no physical address

    We are the rv crowd. Think outside the box you live in.
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    I've been a member for some time.....but.........

    I thought that was a sponsored advertisers.
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    NorCal beaches, anyone?

    Since I am a N~CA native, ( not frisco or kali) I know where to go. But enjoy yourself and head to dry lands. Not everyone is comfortable in a place where a bright yellow ten inch slug is quite likely going to cross your dinner table or plop out of a tree unexpectedly.
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    NorCal beaches, anyone?

    There is no such thing as stealth camping. Just remember that all those places are small communities and a stranger stands out. Think of it as a modern day Mayberry.
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    How do you people do it? Having a pet cat

    I started out with my 12 year old cat in a van and we found out what worked for both of us. A ice chest on a non slip rubber mat with a towel over it provides a cool cave for fur people. I kept a roof vent running with slightly open windows. No excessive heat even in Quartzsite. Of course I...
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    Feasibility of filtering gray water for drinking again, using a gravity-fed filter system?

    It seems to me to be spending a lot of money on dead weight to lug around. Sand, charcoal, dedicated containers and pipes as well as pumps and distillery. A system like that is really feasible in large scale. I used to run a water bottling plant and the huge amount of filtration equipment is...
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    New Solar Panels

    Unless you are doing a solar farm, there is not a lot of difference. Look at SanTan Solar for pricing.
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    More BLM land in Wyoming & Colorado

    Now this is an approved way of spending my tax dollars.
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    steering wheel lock - worth it at all?

    Due to several strokes over the years, I am unable to complete the sequence of actions needed. Just Google trunk monkey and enjoy a half hour of somebody else’s reality.
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    Daily quote

    Welcome to humanity. You find the reality that you want and play other peoples games to fulfill it. Or there’s an alternative. Make your own game and be individual enough to live it. I read the rules and had fun on my own terms. I changed the boundaries. Welcome to the YARC CLUB. We...
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    steering wheel lock - worth it at all?

    Just get a trunk monkey.