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I've been Vanning for some time now and love it. I did it in college towing my motor boat to the lake to camp, study, fish, and relax some, as I wasn't a Fraternity Booze & Drug Party Animal type. Had girlfriends with me on those week ends quite often, as I dated a number of those who were stuck living in the Dorm's.

Once I graduated the boat was traded for a small economy car towed with the Van for job hunting. Then on my first job, I demonstrated how I could move within a week end between division locations for short term assignments. I had built a system of nomadic furniture for this purpose. The family men shunned those assignments which proved a bountiful opportunity for me and resulted in my raises and promotions. Otherwise, I'd have been stuck in the same job in the same place for years.


I worked in Industrial Design then and now in web development. I may still hop in my Van and go find other opportunities yet.

My Van, method of thinking, and creative use of it all has proven to be a great enabler for me. Your rig could do the same for you as well.

Check the two sites in my signature. They are free and can help you get started into the Nomadic Van Life. Whether you're a student, a displaced worker, a retiree....or even a divorcee,
give yourself the gift of mobility as it is key to finding opportunity and a better life.